Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Presentations Made Easy

These are my notes from a webinar on creating presentations that are memorable. This was sponsored by the Training Magazine Network. I attended in May, 2017.

Avoid TEGO
It is essential to avoid the common situation where “Their Eyes Glazed Over,” abbreviated as TEGO. This occurs too frequently. It is even more of a challenge when presenting virtually because you cannot see your audience.

Why do we fail to remember?
  • Not aware
  • Not focusing/concentrating
  • Not memorable
  • No filing/retrieval system

Principles of visual memory
  • Visual
  • Rare
  • Linked to something
  • Movement
  • Emotional

4 steps to add memory techniques to learning
  1. Add one or more principles to make a more memorable presentation.
  2. Use link method to retrieve items.
  3. Add unusual elements.
  4. Turn information into a list, and then link with unusual characteristics or a story.

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