Thursday, May 5, 2016

Presentation Rehab Tip 5 - Verify times for the presentation venue

When giving a presentation, always verify when you can access and when you need to leave the room or venue.

The first day of presenting and training went well. The attendees were pleased with how activities went on the first day and were excited about the second and third days. As part of the instructional team, I was happy to stay after the training ended and speak with attendees who wished to keep discussing the content. After speaking with attendees we gathered for a brief huddle to review how the day had gone.

When we arrived the next morning, the coordinator of the space was already in the room waiting for us. One of his staff had to stay past her normal ending time to wait for us to leave. In turns out, as we learned, that we had to be completely out of the space by a certain time, not just finished with the training.

In addition to serving as a thoughtful courtesy to the staff assisting you, possessing this knowledge of when to be in and out may also save you money. There are many instances where you have to pay staff if they are required to stay after hours.

It is always a good idea to check the schedule a couple of days before you arrive. Sometimes rooms are booked far in advanced, and between the original booking and actual event calendar changes may occur.

In the first example of a space with firm start and stop times, we needed to adjust our schedule in order to accommodate the staff. In the second example, we started late and had to explain to some of the participants about the mix up. Neither of these scenarios is good, and both could have been avoided if we had verified the times to be in and out of the presentation space.

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