Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dale Carnegie's Secrets of Success

The link in this post displays a list of tips from How to Win Friends & Influence People and How to Stop Worrying & Start Living.

I recently reviewed How to Stop Worrying & Start Living by Dale Carnegie. In an earlier post on paradigm changing books, I included How to Win Friends & Influence People.

Today's post features a link to a PDF document on the Dale Carnegie corporate website. The PDF contains all of the tips from both books.

The categories of tips are:
  • Become a friendlier person
  • Win people to your way of thinking
  • Be a leader
  • Fundamental principles for overcoming worry
  • Basic techniques in analyzing worry
  • Break the worry habit before it breaks you
  • Cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness
  • The perfect way to conquer worry
  • Don't worry about criticism
  • Prevent fatigue and worry and keep your energy and spirits high

Link to Secrets of Success

You can download the PDF and print the pages. If you don't have have to read the books - which are excellent and should be read by all - at least familiarize yourself with these essential points.

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