Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekly Update Apr 15-28

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Story Structure: Dan Wells
In this post, I share about another story structure you can use for writing fiction, structuring presentations, and telling true stories.

Presentation Rehab Tip #4 - Use a 1-page List of Talking Points
When giving a presentation, use a one-page list of talking points instead of a word-for-word script. This applies even when presenting virtually.

The Calf Path
The Calf Path is a poem by Sam Walter Foss, an American poet.

Andrew Mayne's Twitter Promotion Ideas
This post lists some of Andrew Mayne's Twitter tips for book promotion.

Writing 365

The chart immediately below this paragraph displays my progress over the past four weeks. In looking at this detailed view you can clearly see the variation from 8,500 (Week 14) to 9,800 (Week 17). However, in my normal weekly summary chart the variation across the weeks is significantly less visible. Despite the variation, I exceed my goal of writing 1,000 words per day, a total of 7,000 words per week.

I have been excited this week because I am nearing the halfway point in terms of achieving 365,000 words. Within the next couple of days from this writing I will pass 182,500 words. I can't rest, though, because my goal is a daily writing goal that will cumulatively result in a large number of words, not just a total word goal.

Bible Project

In the last couple of weekly updates I skipped the Bible Project portion of the update. Thus, my results look improved when comparing the Previous OT and OT data lines. For some reason I found myself bogged down in the book of Judges, but pushed through. The next book in sequence, Ruth, is a short book of only four chapters. Now 1 Samuel is about 25% completed. Still, there is a lot more to come, as the completed writing thus far represents 33% of the total verses in the Bible.

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