Sunday, April 3, 2016

Travel Math

Use, an online app to find cost estimates, distances, and information about destinations, including the closest airport.

There are many towns across the United States that may be diminutive in size but share names with much larger counterparts across the world. A few examples are:
  • Athens, Georgia
  • Paris, Texas
  • London, Kentucky
  • Hamburg, Iowa
  • Venice, California

What is TravelMath?

I recently came across two websites helpful for travel planning. The first site,, provides all kinds of helpful estimates, cost, and distance data for traveling between locations. describes itself this way:
  • Travelmath is an online trip calculator that helps you find answers quickly. If you're planning a trip, you can measure things like travel distance and travel time. To keep your budget under control, use the travel cost tools.
  • You can also browse information on flights including the distance and flight time. Or use the section on driving to compare the distance by car, or the length of your road trip.
  • Type in any location to search for your exact destination.

International example

Drawing from the city list above, here is information for a trip from Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece:
  • Flight Distance: 5,629 miles / 9059 km 
  • Flight Time: 11 hours, 45 minutes 
  • Time Difference: Athens is 6 hours ahead 
  • Airports near Destination: Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) 
  • Colleges and Universities:    Athens University of Economics and Business, Agricultural University of Athens, Panteion University, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, andUniversity of Piraeus

Domestic (US) example

Now, let's check out a trip from Paris, Texas, to London, Kentucky:
  • For domestic travel, two options (flying and driving are presented).
  • Clicking on any field (such as Driving Time) will display more detailed information.

Finding an airport

I first discovered Travel Math because I was searching for the airports closest a list of cities for a work project. Travel Math makes it easy with the Closest Airport option. Staying with the list of cities above, let's look at the airport information for Hamburg, Iowa.

For each search, three categories of airports are displayed: international, domestic, and local. For Hamburg, Iowa, the top two in each category are:

Many options available

With options for driving, distance, flying, time, costs, and places, I am certain you will find helpful resources on

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