Thursday, April 28, 2016

Andrew Mayne's Twitter Promotion Ideas

This post lists some of Andrew Mayne's Twitter tips for book promotion.

Andrew Mayne is a television personality and author. In his recent ebook, How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours, he includes a list of 100 ways to promote your book. In browsing his website, I came across the same list as a blog post. Definitely check out his book and his website:

Below are 10 of the several Twitter-related ideas suggested by Andrew Mayne. While I have a Twitter account, I don't use it like I should. Check out my previous posts on using transmedia to share your message. It is a good idea and a reminder to me as well. By posting these tips here, I will be able to locate them easily when I'm ready to promote a book project currently in the works.

Twitter Tips from Ways to Promote Your Ebook by Andrew Mayne

Note: many of these tips will work on other social platforms besides Twitter.

  1. Tweet out the link when you first release the book.
  2. Tweet out each time you put the book on a new platform.
  3. Ask anyone who likes the book on Twitter to write a review for the book.
  4. Hold a contest for people to make a blurb just on the cover and tweet it out.
  5. Tweet really good reviews with a thank you.
  6. Tweet and post small facts about the research for your book.
  7. Tweet and post a list of books that influenced your book.
  8. Tweet and post a list of movies that influenced your book.
  9. Ask people on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for promotion ideas.
  10. Post the first sentence on Twitter and include a "read more ..." link.

Andrew's list includes 100 ways to promote your book, and most are free, only requiring your time and effort.

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