Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Massive List of Story Prompts, Part 2

This is the second post of lists of story prompts. Find a category and pick a work. Take a few minutes to recall a memory centered around the word. Write a story about what you remember or an incident you experienced.

In Part 1, I shared lists from several different sources I have compiled over the years. The lists in this post are from the book, The Healing Art of Storytelling by Richard Stone. From the back cover:

Over the years, television and other cultural forces have robbed us of storytelling as a tool for communicating, learning, and healing. Professional storyteller Richard Stone describes this crisis and its devastating effects and then offers a step-by-step guide for creating a storytelling tradition that we can use to transform our families, our friendships, and ourselves.


The House Tour+

  • The house tour - On a blank piece of paper, draw the floor plan of a house you grew up in.  Indicate where major pieces of furniture were placed, the location of windows and doors, and important features of the yard.  If more than one level, draw separate floor plans for each level.
  • Firsts - Think about things you did for the first time (driving, dating, etc.)
  • Funny things that have happened   
  • Sounds of childhood - noises (environmental), car sounds
  • Aromas of childhood - smells in the house, environmental/neighborhood smells
  • Music of youth   
  • Movie memories   
  • Family photo album   
  • School days - teachers, bullies, "special" students, favorite/least favorite subjects, vacations, grades, discussions at school
  • Turning points - Share one wonderful experience that changed the course of your life (move, job, having children, getting married, etc)

Highs & Lows

  • births
  • deaths
  • sickness
  • accidents
  • coincidences
  • miracles/magic
  • turning points
  • loss of innocence


  • anger
  • love
  • hate
  • envy/jealousy
  • resentment
  • fear
  • sadness/grief
  • greed
  • shame
  • joy
  • kindness

Memory Walk

  • music
  • movies
  • collections
  • time
  • nature
  • regrets
  • secrets
  • lies/deception
  • early successes
  • work
  • religion/spirituality
  • celebration/rituals
  • things lost/found
  • adolescence
  • things you remember

Special People

  • our people
  • family moves
  • childhood friends
  • teachers
  • admired people
  • villains/enemies
  • messengers of kindness

4 Elements

  • fire
  • water
  • air
  • earth


  • sight
  • smell
  • taste
  • touch
  • sound


  • home
  • neighborhood
  • school
  • places of revelation
  • cities/towns

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