Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Update Jan 29-Feb 4

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Variations on Mind Mapping, Part 1
In this first of two posts, I review the Cell Storming app, a visual brainstorming tool similar to mind mapping.

Webinar Review: Create and Use Object Lessons
This post is a review of the webinar Aha! Some Object Lessons presented by Becky Pike Pluth and sponsored by Training Magazine Network.

Writing 365

The Writing 365 project is progressing well. Thus far, I have surpassed my daily writing goal of 1,000 words per week. This week under review has been the best yet: 9,571 words! In some upcoming posts I will share a behind-the-scenes look at the Microsoft Excel workbook I use to track my progress. I also created a formula to estimate how many total words I will have by 1-1-2017 based on my average words written per day. If I stay maintain the average of 1,250 words per day, the total number of words may be closer to 456,000 words rather than 365,000. It always surprises me to see how a relatively small number of words per day can accumulate to such a large total.

Bible Project

When I started the Bible Project, to write out the entire Bible by hand, my goal was to write a minimum of ten verses per day. For the most part, I been able to consistently achieve this goal. This week I completed the book of Joshua. There are 25 books that comprised 80% of the words in the Bible, and Joshua is one of these. Before starting on Judges, another book in the 80% group, I decided to visit the New Testament and write I, II, and III John, small books just before the book of Revelation.

In my writing of the Gospels, I decided to group Matthew, Mark, and John together, so that Luke and Acts, both written by Luke, could be in the same volume. As a result, a few pages remained in the volume containing Matthew, Mark, and John. Since the apostle John wrote the Gospel of John as well as the epistles of I, II, and III John, I felt it appropriate to write them in the small space in the Gospel volume.

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