Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekly Update Feb 12-18

Blog Posts

Presentation Rehab Tip 1
This is Tip 1 of several tips to create presentations and deliver them more effectively.

Writing 365 Tracking - behind the scene Part 1
To help with my project of writing 1,000 words per day in 2016, I use a Microsoft workbook to track progress. In this post you will see how I created the various measurements.

Writing 365

After a one-day slip last week when I did not complete my daily goal of writing 1,000 words, I regained the momentum this week, maintaining my average of around 1,250 words per day.

However, I realized my output for blog posts appears to be considerably less than for the other categories, at least for the week under review. I can see I need to resume writing a post every night, or at least more regularly throughout the week. If I wrote at least 250 words for blogs each night, the weekly total would be 1,750 words.

Summary for Feb 12-18
Blog Post: 1,059
Devotional: 2,338 words
eBook: 3,013 words
Journal: 2,354 words

Bible Project

The Bible Project, where I am writing out the entire Bible by hand, also progressed along at the expected pace. The lengths of each book and chapter vary. Even the verses themselves are inconsistently determined. Monks in the Middle Ages first developed the current structure of chapters and verses. While helpful for study and group activities, chapter and verse determinations seem rather arbitrary.

In the book of Joshua, for example, there are a series of verses with only three city names per verse. However, in other books, a verse might have 100 words. In writing out the book, I have also encountered many situations where the flow of a story is cut by a chapter break. It is unlikely a new structure will ever be developed, but perhaps it is time after hundreds of years.

When I first started with Genesis, I preserved the verse structure. About half-way through Deuteronomy I moved to a narrative structure using paragraphs, as defined by the version I use, the New King James Version.

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