Thursday, February 4, 2016

Variation on Mind Mapping, part 1

In this first of two posts, I review the Cell Storming app, a visual brainstorming tool similar to mind mapping.

Mind mapping

In a couple of previous posts I wrote about creating mind maps by hand and using an iPad. Mind mapping is a visual brainstorming and planning tool that is extremely useful. The term "mind map" was coined by Tony Buzan, but the general idea of using a series of branching nodes for visual outlining has been around for a while.

Cell Storming

In a recent search for new mind map apps I came across Cell Storming. It is available for $1.99. The description from iTunes reads:
With Cell Storming you create mind maps (cell maps) by connecting hexagonal cells together and then adding media elements to these cells. You can add images, videos, voice memos, text, web links, files, and Address Book contacts to each and every cell on the map, which can then be viewed when browsing your cell map later on.

The structure of a cell map is created by starting with a central cell and linking other cells to it. Cells can be added in any of six directions. By activating arrows, you can specify directional flow. Eight colors are available for cell variation and to create patterns.

To create a new cell map, click Create new cell map. After entering a title, you will be taken to the work area and prompted to double-tap in the center to create a new cell. Once you have have entered the text and designated the color, you can then double-tab to add an adjacent cell on one of the sides. For each cell, you can add voice memos, files, contacts, images, and videos.

When your cell map is completed, you can export it with all of the attachments, export just the image, or export the cell map folder to iTunes.

Cell Storming is a fairly intuitive app. It took me a few minutes to figure out the various features, but now I can navigate around fairly quickly. One of the aspects of Cell Storming that I like is the simple fact of the differentiation from other more traditional mind map apps.

If you like mind mapping, you will definitely like Cell Storming.

Title image created in Canva. Photo credit: Chris "iPhone App Magnets"

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