Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Am I Really Needed

Am I really needed? Does every individual contribute?

I discovered this analogy while browsing through my daughter's high school notebook. This was a handout distributed in one of the classes.

Am I Rxally Nxxded?

Xvxn though my typxwritxr is an old modxl, it works wxll xxcxpt for onx of thx kxys. I’vx wishxd many timxs that it workxd pxrfxctly.

Trux, thxrx arx 42 kxys that function, but only onx kxy not working makxs thx diffxrxncx.

Somxtimxs, is sxxms to mx that our organization is somxwhat likx my typxwritxr—not all thx pxoplx arx working propxrly. You might say, “Wxll I’m only onx pxrson; it won’t makx much diffxrxncx.”

But you sxx, for an organization to bx xfficixnt, it nxxds thx participation of xvxry pxrson.

Never Quit Learning

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