Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Problem Solving by Jim Rohn

A summary of Jim Rohn's problem solving approach, featuring a quote from astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Jim Rohn was a speaker and author who wrote several books on personal improvement.

For several years I subscribed to his e-mail newsletter. In the May 11, 2009 issue, Jim Rohn described an approach to problem solving. I recently rediscovered this in my notebook from 2009.

To solve any problem, there are three questions to ask yourself first:
  1. What could I do?
  2. What could I read?
  3. Whom could I ask? 

The real problem is usually two or three questions deep. If you want to go after someone's problem, be aware that most people aren't going to reveal what the problem is after the first question.

Neil Armstrong once said, "You only have to solve two problems when going to the moon: first, how to get there; second, how to get back. The key is, don't leave until you have solved both problems."

Never attack a problem without also presenting a solution.

The best place to solve a problem is on paper.

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