Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buying my new printer

After my old printer died, I considered the costs of a new printer and created a list of requirements. After reviewing several printers, I decided to purchase the HP DeskJet 5740.

Although the Amazon.com price was the cheapest, I needed the printer immediately. I took a quick trip into town to view the prices at local stores. The online price at Costco was listed for $85.00. Unfortunately, my closest Costco is about two hours away. I took a screenshot of the Costco price and went to my local Sam's Club, about five minutes from my house.

Knowing that I needed to negotiate the price, I proceeded directly to the customer service counter. I explained my situation to the customer service rep who called the manager. The answer was "no," I could not get the printer matched at the Costco price. "Okay," I said, "That's fine, but I won't be buying the printer here."

My wife had accompanied me to Sam's, and because she separated from me in the store, I texted her to let her know I was done with my shopping. As we passed the checkout registers, a woman met us.

She said, "Are you the one wanting the printer?"

"Yes," I said.

She replied, "We can match the Costco price."

I'm not sure what transpired in the management office between my initial interaction with customer service and this unexpected meeting, but I bought the printer.

As soon as I arrived home I began setup the printer, and printed our documents for the next day's flight within minutes.

Hopefully, this printer will last as long as my previous one.

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