Monday, November 3, 2014

Time Lapse Camera Apps for iPhone Compared

At the risk over over-simplifying the classification of video techniques, there are basically three video speeds: slow motion, regular speed, and fast motion. A variation of video that is played faster than recorded is time lapse. Time lapse video actually takes a series of photos and combines them together as a video.

When used with animated characters, this technique is referred to as "stop motion," because the characters can be move slightly with each picture, suggesting movement. While there are several apps dedicated just to this, I'll review them another time.

For today's post, I am sharing my notes on three camera apps for the iPhone that include options for time lapse video.

iPhone Camera

The iPhone's native, included, camera app offers an option for time lapse video. It is easy to use, and convenient, since it is already included with the iPhone and iPad. However, there is no option to adjust playback speed.

GorillaCam Pro

I believe this app is about $3.00US in the App Store. This app features several settings for recording and playback. This GorillaCam Pro is also a great app for self-timer and stop motion.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

This app is dedicated to time lapse video. It shows both the real (actual) time of recording plus what the total playback length will be. The playback speed is adjustable from one to twelve times speed.


For me, I will likely use Hyperlapse for spontaneous time lapse video because the app is dedicated to this feature and therefore it is easy to open the app and start recording. For more precision, I have used GorillaCam Pro simply because you can control many of the settings for recording and playback.

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