Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo Finishing Process

You may have noticed that many photos published online feature watermarks, text, or both.  Some photographers/artists may place watermarks over the image itself so that it can't really be used somewhere else without others clearly seeing that it is copied.  However, for others - including me - the primary purpose of watermarking photos is so that a certain level of branding occurs. 

Photo finishing process

I take most of my photos on my iPhone, and these are automatically copied to the cloud-based photostream.  This makes the photos available on my iPad, so I can edit them.  The iPad has a much larger screen area which makes editing easier. 

The main edits that I make are
  • Crop the image to a desired size
  • Add "" to the image
  • Insert my watermark

Photoshop Touch

In yesterday's post, I reviewed several Adobe apps including Photoshop Touch.  While many apps handle one or two of the main editing tasks of the full version of Photoshop, Photoshop touch allows for color adjustments, cropping, layers, and removing backgrounds. 

However, much of the time, I find it just as fast to use a combination of apps to accomplish my three main tasks listed above.  The apps that I typically use are Aviary for photo adjustments and cropping, Over to add text, and iWatermark to insert the watermark.


Aviary features the standard array of filters, cropping, auto-enhancements, etc. that are contained in most general photo apps.  One feature that is convenient is the ability to draw on photos, which I use to annotate certain areas of the image.


Over provides several fonts for text and graphics to enhance an image.  For this particular example, I added "" and the arrows.


A couple of years ago we visited Seoul, Korea.  Traditionally, Koreans have a seal that they use to sign important or legal documents.  In tourist areas, there are shops that carve these to include your name.  I chose to go with the Korean phonetic pronunciation of "Douglas."  Using Photoshop Touch, I added the "Douglas G Pratt" text.

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