Monday, August 4, 2014

Capture the Screen - using tricks for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac

There are many reasons why you need to capture what is displayed on the screen from time to time.  Earlier this year I was flying and checked in using my iPhone.  Because I could not print the receipt from my phone, I took a screen shot of the confirmation screen.  You may also want to capture a view of a website for later reference.  You can also use the screen capture in situations where you can't save an image (like Instagram or Snapchat).

Below is my SlideShare presentation on how to take screen shots using the major technology platforms:  Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac.  This post is a reference for me as well as for you.  I tend to forget how to use all of these different options.


  • Copy the active window - Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen
  • Copy the full display (including multiple screens) - Shift+Ctrl+Print Screen
  • One Note - Start OneNote (Start > Microsoft Office > OneNote.  From then on, use the flag key and "s" to draw a selection box about the desired information or image.
  • Snipping Tool - Start > Accessories > Snipping Tool.  Draw a box around the selected image.  Within the snipping tool you can annotate the image.


  • Simultaneously press the power button and the volume down button.  Hold for about a second.  You will hear an audible camera sound (unless sound is turned off).

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Simultaneously press the menu button and the power button.  You will hear an audible camera sound (unless sound is turned off).


  • Save desktop as PNG - Command+Shift+3
  • Save selection as PNG - Command+Shift+4
  • Save selected window as PNG - Command+Shift+4 then press the space bar and select the desired window.

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