Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips from a Blogging Master

I received an invitation to join a webinar on blogging from a "master blogger."  Ray Higdon has been blogging for several years and has millions of hits to his blog each month.  One of the reasons Ray blogs is to generate interest in his network marketing business.  People find value from the blog and inquire about his business.


For many people, blogging presents some challenges or roadblocks that they cannot overcome.
  1. Technology.  If you are not comfortable with the technology, outsource the work.  However, if you can send an e-mail, you have the day-to-day skills necessary for blogging.
  2. No voice.  Many ask, "Why would someone listen to me?"  The answer is that every voice contributes a perspective, and in your sphere of influence, you may impact others.
  3. Content.  This was Ray's aha moment for me.  Take notes whenever you attend a webinar or seminar, read a book, or watch an instruction video.  Transfer these notes into a blog post.  As I am doing here, you can give credit where credit is due:  "Last night, I was on a call with _____, and he said ...."  How easy is that?


Ray provided four tips to start blogging.
  1. Blog what you learn.
  2. Focus on the problem that your audience may have.  If you have a solution, someone will be interested.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Continue other types of business outreach.  Blogging may eventually be the best way to find prospects, but it can take a while for your influence to spread via social media and Internet searches.


  • Attend training, take notes, create a blog post.
  • Paste the link on social media and ask others to do the same.
  • Build a following, a little at a time.
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