Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I learned this photo editing technique

Until last week, this was the image for the Personal Change blog:

Recently, I decided to "jazz up" the banner by using photos, including an image of me.  I was inspired from other business-related blogs that I read.  As you can see, this is now the header:

In today's post, I thought I would share the technique used to overlay the picture of me over the background.  Although the video and examples below use a different background picture, the technique is the same.

Step 1:  Select pictures to combine.

Step 2: Open the Pixlr photo editor.

Other photo editors that have similar capabilities to Adobe Photoshop will will also work.  For some of my banner editing, I used the PS Touch app (Adobe) on my iPad.

Step 3: Insert the background as Layer 1.  

Because I store images on Flickr, I selected Open Layer from URL and pasted online location of the image.

Step 4: Add a second layer.

This is where you will add the second (foreground) picture - where erasing the background occurs.

Step 5: Select the wand tool.

Click on the area you want to make transparent (in my example, the white part of the image).

Step 6: Click on Edit and Cut.

This should delete the background of the top image.

Step 7: Adjust the foreground image.

Step 8: Save your new image!

If you found this post helpful, please comment below and share on Facebook.  Douglas G Pratt

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