Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amazon Orders

One of the best designed websites for online shopping is Amazon.com. Amazon's site contains a variety of settings and reminders designed to enhance your shopping experience and, of course, maximum the company's revenue.

Used vs New
I purchase most of my books via Amazon. It addition to its new book. sales, Amazon sells books and other items from third party vendors. Thus, it is extremely easy to purchase used books.

A search for any book will likely yield a variety of quality and pricing options to purchase a used copy, even for books that are out-of-print. I have purchased books for $0.01!

Amazon Order History
A feature of Amazon that is also helpful is the ability to generate and download order history reports, going back several years.

Once logged in to your Amazon account, select Your Account. From the list choose Download Order Reports.

This will open a series of fields where you can enter your search criteria.

A report will be generated that opens in Excel or Numbers, is saved for future reference, and sent as a link to your e-mail.
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