Thursday, November 29, 2012

My iPhone Camera Apps - Set 1

With each successive version of Apple's iPhone, the camera has improved. Although I only have the 4S model, I understand that the camera on the 5 is the best yet.

Including cameras and supporting apps, I probably have 40-50 photography-related apps, with 30 of these on my iPhone right now! Our entire trip to Korea was captured using iPhones.

With a computer-based program like Adobe Photoshop, there are numerous features included in one piece of software. However, apps usually have one or two functions.

Below is a screen shot of the first set of apps. A brief description of each follows.

  • PhotoSize. This simple, free app gives the dimensions of the selected photo.
  • Flickr. This is the official app for the Flickr photo sharing and storing site. Upload multiple, full resolution photos.
  • ColorSpash. Convert a photo to black-and-white while keeping selected areas in color.
  • BeFunky FX. This app allows you to create effects such as cartoonizer, inkify, and grunge.
  • Collage. Create a collage with multiple photos. The app allows you to arrange photos and even use a photo as a background.
  • iQuikDof. Blur out selected areas to given a tilt shift or bokeh type of appearance where parts of the photo are out of focus.
  • iWatermark. Add a text or graphic watermark to your photos. You can now compete with Olin Mills!
  • PS Express. This app from Adobe is a basic photo editor.
  • Strip Design. Create your own comic strips. I use the functionality of this app to quickly put multiple photos together when I don't need to artistically arrange them as with the Collage app.
  • ComicBook. Similar to Strip Design, you can create comics. This app features several effects that resemble actual comics such as manga, sketch, and toon.
  • SimpleResize. If you need to take photo and repixelate it, so that a 4x6 needs to be 8x12, this app will add in the extra pixels. Though not fancy or too precise, its basic functionality is good.
  • Photogene. This is a basic photo editor that has several effects and the ability to auto correct photos.

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