Sunday, May 27, 2012

Disappearing act - TouchRetouch photo editing app for iPad/iPhone

From the time I joined the iPhone/iPad family, I have downloaded a variety of apps related to photography. In a future post, I will share some screenshots listing all of the photography-related apps currently on my iPhone and iPad.

TouchRetouch HD
I learned about TouchRetouch from a coworker a couple of months ago. Simply, this app lets draw a circle (lasso) around what you want removed from the photo and TouchRetouch removes it! The app analyzes the areas adjacent to the selected area and replaces what was selected. The level of success will vary, but I have had generally good results.

For advanced or detailed retouches, there is a paintbrush feature which allows you to select an area with a finer level of detail. The clone feature allows you to select a part of the photo that will be copied over the area you want removed. I use both the brush and clone features if the lasso selection feature doesn't retouch as desired.

The "before" photo includes part of a man on the left side, a light and sign on the back wall, and ALL of the stones comprising the stone bridge.

In the "after" image, these elements are gone! Initially, I noticed that the man's shadow in the water remained. Using the clone tool, I replaced the shadow with the water next to it.

Get started
Download TouchRetouch today to create improved pictures. There is a free version as well as versions for iPhone and iPad.
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