Thursday, March 29, 2012

Merchandising Inspired by The Hunger Games

Unless you've just come out of hibernation, you have probably seen or heard something about the blockbuster movie and book, The Hunger Games.  You may have already seen the movie or read the book.  The Hunger Games is set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic country where teenagers are randomly selected to participate in an annual, televised competition.  Participants must fight to the death until only one contestant remains.

According to, the movie had a first weekend's gross revenue of $155 million!  At the time of this writing, The Hunger Games trilogy occupied the top four positions of top sellers at

As I entered Books-A-Million Saturday night I immediately noticed this table of Hunger Games merchandise.  In addition to the actual series of novels and magazines covering activities related to the movie, the majority of books on the table span the gamut from a recipe book inspired by the novel to guide books on the competition itself to in depth information about the main celebrities in the move.  There was also a large amount of merchandise including:
  • pens, 
  • rubber bracelets, 
  • coins, 
  • posters, 
  • games, 
  • action figures, 
  • pens, 
  • trading cards, 
  • magnets, 
  • stickers, 
  • journals, and 
  • t-shirts. 

Hunger Games Merchandising

Think about the projects that you are working on.  Are there any that could benefit from a coordinated merchandising campaign?  Using an online store like, you can build a table of products to give away or sell, depending on your situation.  Check out a Hunger Games merchandise at a bookstore near you to get ideas.

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