Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make Your Own Video Intro

All commercial movies start with a branding introduction from the company. Even as far back as the 1920s companies had recognizable intros, such as MGM's logo and roaring lion. Today, with digital graphics, much more sophisticated logos can be created.

After editing and uploading a couple of videos back in the fall, I decided that I needed (wanted) a fancy introduction to my videos (like Disney, Universal, or Paramount). After a search for "create Paramount movie intro" I found the site below.

However, even after downloading Adobe After Effects and the Blender files, I decided that, for my needs, this method is too complex. I just wanted a simple introduction for my YouTube videos!

Recently I posted on how to create videos from PowerPoint presentations. Using this same technique, I created a presentation with lots of animated elements. After much revision of timing and coordination of graphics, I obtained a result that I liked and used "Save As" to create the video below.

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