Wednesday, February 29, 2012


After a month's hiatus, I am starting to blog again. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain my goal of weekly posts.

Recently I heard a new term: transmedia. Transmedia refers to sharing content across multiple sites. For example, I might share a post here and convert it to a presentation and also share on Scribd or SlideShare. As I completed the mindmap sketch below, I was surprised to see how many sites to which I am connected.
TransMedia Map
The concept of transmedia is simply to connect your different social and content sites together in order to boost online presence.

I have a friend with a dog-walking business. She posts helpful information for dog owners to her blog. She could also post videos on YouTube and embed these in blog posts. Some posts could also be converted into presentations and uploaded to slideshare.

For my blog,, I see Flickr and YouTube as possible inputs. Posts can be converted into other formats and posted to secondary sites such as Scribd or SlideShare. Finally, links to my posts can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I encourage you to consider how to boost your online presence simply by repurposing your own content already developed.